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Where are you coming from?
Without having to ask such a question, it’s easy to see that people who come to Javier hail from all over the corners of the world. Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, USA are the usual answers, but not the only ones. Again, they are not necessarily Christians or even believers; thousands of people of all types and kinds are the visitors of this small place called ‘Javier’ [1]     

And what do they come here for, what do they seek?
Again, the answer is not one but almost as many as the people who come. The tourist curiosity, the fondness for history, culture, architecture or art, the pleasant landscape and countryside, but mainly it’s the devotion/admiration to that great man ‘for all ages and for all people’ who was born in this medieval castle, St. Francis Xavier.

Countless castles similar and contemporaneous to this one are all but forgotten, some have disappeared all together, others are old ruins or old memories. If this one has not only stood the passing of time but it’s been restored, its history recaptured by writers and archaeologists, its treasures enriched by mementoes of many lands and works of art of different periods, and it’s the most visited place in Navarre, it’s due to the fact that it is the cradle of St. Francis Xavier. And that is why it’s known as ‘the Sanctuary of St. Francis Xavier’. 

In front of the Castle stands the Parish Church, that ruled the religious life and the education of Francis; attached to the Castle and one with it, the Basilica-Shrine; behind the Castle, the Jesuit Residence and Spirituality Centre (Retreat House and Youth Centre), the Auditotium ‘Aula Francisco de Jasso’; and  all around it, the modern and beautiful surroundings that make more pleasant the visit.   
[1] The name is by no means an exclusive one; it can be found in many areas of Navarra, Aragon and Guipuzkoa. Besides it has been spelled in all the possible combinations and indiscriminately even in the same paragraph of the same document: Savierr, Savier, Chavier, Xavier, Xavierr, Xabier, Xabierr, Exavierr, Essabier, Essabierre, Issavierr, etc.

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