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The new Basilica looked so impressive and spacious when it was inaugurated in 1901!  By the turn of the century, however, it was proving inadequate to accommodate people for the bigger celebrations.
The ‘Javieradas’ [1] are multitudinous and, on the other hand, they only take place twice a year; hence it was meaningless to build a covered space to take in such a vast gathering; the square in front of the Castle and the Basilica was enlarged several times for the event, and it makes a splendid setting for it.
But the occasions have multiplied repeatedly when the attendance is too large for the Basilica to hold it. The most evident instance was all through the V Centenary Year (of St. Francis Xavier’s birth) in 2006.
It was in that perspective that an impressive ‘Auditorium’ was built, which was given the suggestive name ‘Aula Francisco de Jasso’, Francis de Jasso Hall . It incorporates one thousand two hundred seats, and provides ample space for a stage or a dais. It’s beautiful and comfortable indeed.
The purpose to build it was not only the foreseeable crowds and the many events programmed for the Centenary. The demand for religious as well as cultural activities involving largegroups of students, youth, organizations of different kinds, and so on, made more meaningful the existence in Javier of a building with such features.
Attached to it, one with it in the outside, a long corridor meant to house likely exhibitions related to St. Francis Xavier. The front part is devoted to the rich and varied collection of Fr. George Schurhammer.

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